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Original is available for sale. 

TO PURCHASE: Email Lynnette.


Price: $2000
Artwork Dimensions: 22 x 30 inches
Medium: mixed media on Aquabord 
Year Created: 2015

Additional Description: a Memento Mori comes from the Latin phrase meaning "remember (that you have) to die". It's a Medieval tradition of reflecting on death and the impermanence of life. Many artowrks were painted as memento moris and used various symbols to convey the transience of life. In my painting I used the traditional memento mori symbol of the skull, as well as some other symbols, such as the snake, which in many cultures symbolizes the afterlife, transition, resurrection and / or rebirth. Likewise the moth is another death symbol, while the garden symbolizes fertility and life. I chose to use the humble blackbird for this picture to represent humanity. Here they are seemingly inquisitive, rather than fearful, of death.

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