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What is the best way to contact Lynnette?

Email or


How do I purchase an original artwork?

Artworks can be purchased directly through this website through provided Paypal links or by emailing Lynnette with inquiries, or visiting one of her art events or galleries and purchasing at the event or gallery. 


To see which works may be available, visit the RECENT WORK, MINIATURES, or ARTCHIVE section of this website (listed under the PAINTINGS tab on the the navigation bar at the top of this page). All artworks that are available have their prices and dimensions listed. Most works can be shipped. Lynnette accepts credit cards, debit cards, Square, and PayPal payments. Personal checks, treasurer's and cashier's checks, and money orders are NOT accepted. Lynnette charges a 6% sales tax to all Pennsylvania sales.

Can artwork be shipped or delivered to me?

Yes! Lynnette ships via USPS for smaller packages and UPS for larger packages. Clients may also save on shipping costs by picking up work at her studio in Maple Glen, PA. Some larger works can also be hand-delivered for those within a reasonable drive from Lynnette's studio..

How do I purchase a reproduction or other art merchandise?

Lynnette Shelley licenses her works for fine art reproductions as well as art merchandise with a variety of online retailers including:

Elephant Stock: North American distribution of officially licensed reproductions
iCanvas: Worldwide distribution of officially licensed canvas and framed prints.
: Featuring various high quality art merchandise and reproductions with Lynnette's work - tshirts and clothing, canvas and framed prints, home decor and more, 

GeckoRouge Modern Cross Stitch.- Featuring exclusive designer cross-stitch kits of some of Lynnette's work.

In addition, starting July 2024, Lynnette will be bringing a limited supply of signed, matted fine art reproductions with her to shows. These will be available exclusively at in-person art festivals and other in-person pop-up events.

What mediums / techniques does Lynnette use?

Each handmade painting is created by a buildup of multiple layers incorporating techniques in both drawing and painting - from crosshatching to dry brushing to ink splashes and freehand drawing. Lynnette's works primarily use layers of acrylic ink wash, acrylic paint, and ink pens on a treated wood panel (recent works are usually on a cradled birch panel or else a hardbord). Some of her works also incorporate “fauxsaic”, or hand-colored and cut watercolor paper that has been painstakingly arranged on the panel in a collage that simulates ceramic tile mosaic. 


You may want to watch this video for an overview of Lynnette's process here.

Or watch an artist talk video from 2023 in which she discusses some of her techniques and shows a work in progress here. This video was filmed live at Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, and the first 20+ minutes of the video feature Lynnette's artist talk. 


Can I visit Lynnette's studio?

Lynnette's studio is private and not open to the public. However, qualified clients may contact her about arranging a studio visit. Lynnette also periodically hosts an open house at her studio. To make sure you are notified about upcoming art events, such as her open studio events, please sign up for Lynnette's email newsletter.

Is Lynnette available for commissions / book illustrations / other projects?

Short answer is maybe. Long answer is all professional requests can be emailed to Please detail your specific needs, time frame and budget. Be advised, Lynnette has a limited amount of free time for projects other than her own so can only take on new projects on a very select basis.  

Are installment / layaway plans available on original paintings?

Yes. Lynnette offers installment payment plans on a case by case basis for select clientele on works over $600. All installments are non-refundable and each payment must be made as per the terms of the individual's agreement with Lynnette or the agreement becomes null and void (and all installments non-refundable). The artwork will not go home to the client until all payments are made. All agreements are subject to Lynnette's discretion and may not be available at all times of the year (during busy show time for example). Please note: these installment agreements are only for artworks sold directly by Lynnette to the client. For works currently at galleries, each gallery may have their own agreements for their patrons and will have to be contacted directly to discuss. 

Can I have a discount?

No. Lynnette's artworks are priced fairly for the amount of work involved and are competitive with her peers of the same experience level. Each artwork is one-of-a-kind and handmade using quality, archival art materials.

Can I have a refund?

All sales are final. However, art can be exchanged for an artwork of equal value (or credited toward an artwork of higher value) as long as the artwork is returned in the same condition it was bought and the sale was within the past 36 hours. It also only applies to artworks sold directly by Lynnette, and not through a gallery. All artworks bought through a gallery will have to be refunded or exchanged through that gallery only (if they have a refund or return policy).

Is Lynnette available for my gallery / art show / event?

Gallerists, curators and art promoters should contact Lynnette at . Be advised Lynnette is usually working on her schedule almost a year in advance so contact her as early as possible. 

Can Lynnette donate work to my charity auction / event?

Lynnette does NOT donate work for most art auctions and events because this model often exploits artists and undervalues their work. Some articles that highlight these reasons as well as possible solutions: The problem with Donating Art and the Solution10 Ways to Support Nonprofits Without Giving Away Your Art,  Why Charity Art Auctions Are Harmful for Artists,   No I Will Not Donate To Your Art AuctionDon't Donate Your Art To Support A Non-Profit, and Fundraisers That Do It Right.

Lynnette DOES donate to charities that she feels are worthy, but these are through sales that she controls herself (with a percentage going to the charity) or with charities that establish a relationship with their artists, do proper promotions and fully credit the artists, and give at least 50 percent of sale prices back to the artist (or buy the work wholesale to auction off), and have set baseline prices for the work. If you think you have a fair model that does not exploit artists, and you belong to an accredited charity, you can email to discuss your event.

Does Lynnette teach art classes or give private lessons?

Sorry, but no.

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